Our campaigns are focussed on ensuring our leaders achieve their ambition. We work closely with elected representatives, policy experts and grassroots campaigners to make the clean energy transition a reality. This involves developing solutions to challenges local leaders face, influencing national government and building public support for clean energy solutions. They focus on the co-benefits of the transition, economic growth, and better health and wellbeing.

Financing the Transition

Local leaders want to make the shift to clean energy a reality – to benefit their communities in terms of jobs and growth as well as better health and wellbeing. But they need access to public and private finance. UK100 is proposing Clean Energy Action Partnerships, so that national government can build an industrial strategy with local leaders, focussed on place.  The research draws on expertise from across the energy sector, working with policy experts, engineers, local leaders, developers and financiers. The UK government has an opportunity to transform the energy system and give the country a competitive edge as the world moves away from dirty fossil fuels. We want to help.

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Campaign for Clean Air

UK100 is a key part of the Campaign for a Clean Air Act. Our goal is to translate the growing public demand for political action on clean air to Members of Parliament and to the UK government. We want to draw attention to the work of local leaders who are improving air quality and the businesses that are supporting them. By working across civil society, the public sector and business we will campaign for legislation that enshrines the right to breathe clean air into law and makes the UK a world leader in clean technologies and solutions. We can do this but we have to work together.

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Powerful People Powerful Places

There is an untapped resource of up to a third of local residents who want to get involved in environmental projects and decision-making according to research UK100 commissioned from the Fabians. This work will support leaders to be able to harness the support of local residents for the shift to 100% clean energy.

We aim to roll out the findings across the network to enable councillors and mayors to harness the environmental commitment of their communities as part of the transition to clean energy.