Communicating Climate Change

To solve the climate emergency, we need more people involved in the transition towards Net Zero. That means supporting our members to communicate with their communities effectively - bringing everyone on the journey together.

Local leaders can’t make the transition to Net Zero alone. This is a change that needs everyone on board – decisions made involving the community are better decisions.

The climate community often talks about climate change in the dry terms of emissions reductions or the frightening language of climate apocalypse. This can alienate residents who worry enough about supporting their families, let alone a seemingly distant disaster.


To better involve people in decisions on climate change, local leaders should be talking about it in terms that relate. They should be showing their residents the better future on offer that is in line with the UK’s Net Zero ambitions.

The people local leaders serve deserve warm homes, secure and affordable energy, clean air and water, and local and seasonal food. They deserve access to thriving nature and healthy landscapes, and to live in a place they can be proud of.

This is the kind of vision we help local leaders put forward. We provide our members with exclusive briefings on communicating climate actions, research on attitudes towards climate and clean air action, and facilitate events to share best practice across our network.

UK100 supports leaders to harness the environmental commitment of their communities as part of the transition to a low-carbon future.