Mapping the UK’s journey to 100% clean energy by 2050 Local Power Map

Mapping the UK’s journey to 100% clean energy by 2050 Local Power Map

All around us people are making smarter, cleaner decisions about how they use and generate energy. From installing electric vehicle charging points to solar arrays on the top of shopping centres, our country is gradually weaning itself of fossil fuels.

But some of this is invisible and many small efforts can be hidden. So UK100 is supporting local leaders in our network to map their progress to 100% clean energy across all their functions, from recycling to planning policy. Their role is also to enable bold action from residents and businesses, and essential if we are to meet the challenge of the science. The local council, the community and businesses – we can all show our actions and demonstrate how we are working to achieve the same goal, a country no longer dependent on dirty energy.

The Local Power Map is an online tool that can show the impact of clean energy actions in your local authority area. From EV car clubs, cleaner buses and taxis, to district heating, hydro projects and energy efficiency measures in cold homes, our efforts all add up.

Clean energy is not just good for the planet; it can save us money, generate income, create jobs and growth and promote health and wellbeing.

Mapping progress will help leaders make the right decisions and all of us to reach our goal.

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