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Salix Finance is a non-profit, government-funded organisation which provides interest-free funding to the public sector to improve their energy efficiency. Salix funds over 100 energy efficient and low carbon technologies in the form of a loan, paid back through energy savings.

Salix clients continue to look at further reducing their reliance on fossil fuels by considering renewables and looking at new, innovative ways to drive down energy consumption across their estates.


In 2017 Salix began funding solar PV to support the public sector in achieving its carbon reduction targets. To date, Salix has supported solar projects with over 50 clients.


Other popular technologies funded by Salix are; LED lighting, street lighting, building energy management systems, boilers and insulation.


Case study

Calderdale Council used a Salix interest-free loan of over £1.8 million to implement 21 different measures across 14 sites.

As part of Phase 1 of the Council’s Re:fit programme, £253,219 was utilised to install 200kW(p) of solar PV across five of its sites. Along with other energy conservation measures, the recently completed project is predicted to save the council around £150,000 on its energy bills and reduce its carbon footprint by an estimated 840 tonnes of CO2e1 annually.

The Council also works closely with schools to develop projects. 14 Calderdale schools have benefitted from using Salix funding to improve their energy efficiency. Most recently, Norland Church of England School completed a £13,627, 13kW(p) solar PV project which is estimated to save £1,618 annually.

“The Salix loan aspect was really simple using their Solar Support Tool to quantify the savings and payback.  We are now pleased to be using electricity generated by our own environmentally friendly solar panels.”  Margaret


Crossley, Norland Church of England School


Looking to the future, Calderdale Council is now considering a second phase of RE: FIT, estimated to start in 2019. The project will continue the Council’s holistic approach to energy efficiency within its estate and includes further rooftop solar PV amounting to 206kW(p).

Financing; 100% Salix interest-free loan

1 Contractually guaranteed financial and carbon savings


Salix encourages public sector bodies to get in touch for support and guidance on any energy efficient projects they have in mind, including Solar. Salix also offer feedback at an early stage of project development, with no obligation to apply.


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