UK100 Clean Air Commitment

Local Elections 2018:  UK100 Clean Air Commitment

The UK100 Clean Air Commitment is designed to give all local election candidates, but especially group leaders, the chance to show they are taking seriously the issue of air pollution in their community. It consists of four pledges, at least three of these need to be taken on by parties locally for it to be officially accepted as a commitment.

PLEDGE 1: Have a Cabinet Member with “Clean Air” in their title

A named portfolio holder shows a commitment from an administration to this issue and ensures clear and visible accountability for tackling air pollution.

PLEDGE 2: Have tangible proposals to plan out dirty air

We need a real shift in transport from an over-reliance on cars to walking, cycling and affordable public transport that is accessible to all. Solutions might include some of the following:

o Reducing the number of parking spaces in new-build homes

o Electric car charging points

o Bike stores and racks at transport hubs

o Pedestrianising shopping streets or introducing zero emission streets,

o Charging diesel cars more for parking

o School streets – where cars are banned near schools

PLEDGE 3: Have a partnership body or steering group that includes members of the public and the local businesses community.

Residents’ support is critical for adopting and implementing any change to our current polluting lifestyles. If they are involved and supportive of the actions and plans by the local authority they will support measures as ambassadors to build support across their community.

PLEDGE 4: Have a pledge adapted to local needs      

Every context is different, so UK100 asked council and party leaders to show commitment and understanding of local issues by pledging to one ambitious additional project. Ideas could include:

o Adoption of hybrid/EV council vehicle fleets

o Support for cleaner taxis

o Bike hire schemes

o Support a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) or even a Zero Emissions Zone (ZEZ) to be implemented locally

In London, PLEDGE 4 is to support the ultra-low emission zone extension to at least the North and South Circular and low emission zone for HGVs.

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