We’re mapping the UK’s journey to 100% clean energy by 2050.

Local leaders, businesses and community groups are creating an unstoppable movement for clean energy – a smarter way of powering our economy, our neighbourhoods and our homes.

The Local Power Map is an online tool that can show the impact of clean energy actions in your local authority area.

Mapping progress will help leaders make the right decisions and all of us to reach our goal.

If you want to start mapping your own community’s actions, from the council chamber to the corner shop, please complete this application form.

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What are the datasets you currently possess that you would want to include to tell the story of carbon reduction in your community?

What measures (beyond the above) are you taking that you would like to showcase? (100 words)

What datasets would you envisage gathering/developing in order to tell the story of carbon reduction by the council?

What data do your partners currently possess that would contribute to telling the story of carbon reduction in the local authority area?


The Local Power Map requires partnership. Please name your intended partners for the pilot and what their role would be. (There should be at least one business partner and one community partner.)


What resource within the local authority will you be able to commit to the project?

Are you seeking funding from other sources to match your own commitment and that of UK100?


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