UK100 is a network of highly ambitious local government leaders, which seeks to devise and implement plans for the transition to clean energy that are ambitious, cost effective and take the public and business with them.

It supports decision-makers in UK towns, cities and counties in their transition to Net Zero. It is the only network for UK local leaders focused solely on climate, clean energy and clean air policy.

The most ambitious - our Net Zero Local Leadership Club - are doing everything within their power to get their communities to Net Zero as soon as possible, and by 2045 at the latest. This is not just good for the planet but for the people they serve, who deserve warm homes, affordable energy, clean air, local and seasonal food, access to thriving nature and healthy landscapes, and to live in a place they can be proud of.

To accelerate the transition to this Net Zero society, UK100 brings together local authorities across the country to share knowledge, collaborate, and petition the UK government with their collective power. They are working together to create flourishing communities - seizing the opportunities of technology to create jobs and establishing a nationwide project of renewal, focussed on local needs and ambitions.

Want to become a member? Read the pledge then get in touch at membership@uk100.org.