The UK’s rural community plays an essential role in our move towards Net Zero. The Countryside Climate Network amplifies the rural voice as part of our national policy advocacy.

Rural communities are at the frontline of climate change impacts. More extreme weather brings longer droughts and wetter winters. Our national interest is damaged when our food production is damaged, and for the two-thirds of people who live outside the largest urban areas, climate change brings distinct challenges to our villages and towns.

Fields and hedgerows

But rural communities can also be at the forefront of climate action too. The countryside offers far more than a place to plant millions of trees to offset carbon emissions from elsewhere. To meet the UK’s goal of becoming Net Zero by 2050, rural communities need to be heard; their challenges need to be understood. They need to be engaged in taking action and implementing solutions.

The network

The Countryside Climate Network (CCN) is made up of ambitious local leaders from predominantly rural councils. As members of UK100, the CCN are committed to delivering climate action in their communities and amplifying the rural voice as part of our national policy advocacy - bringing the best from cities and the countryside together.

Members of the CCN are working to achieve Net Zero and improve the resilience of their communities now and for the future. We currently have 25 members, who represent over 40% of England’s land area.

If you would like more information on the Countryside Climate Network please email Karen Barrass at