Local energy

The energy system in Britain is almost a century old. It is in desperate need of reform. Local leaders should be at the forefront of building a new future-proof system that is affordable and resilient.

Empowering local authorities to lead the transition to Net Zero energy is critical. Locally-led action unlocks greater value for money while ensuring future systems are responsive to communities' unique needs and resources.

Local leaders are uniquely placed to develop regional strategies to help manage energy supply and demand across their region or community.

So-called Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) take a big-picture, whole-systems approach to planning local energy needs. The plans consider how to integrate different technologies like renewables, storage, electric vehicles, and smart grids to create more efficient, resilient energy systems.

This grassroots planning reduces costs and, in combination with locational pricing, increases bill savings compared to top-down national plans.

Pioneering projects across Wales and Greater Manchester's Local Energy Market are already leading the way, but, despite willingness from many councils, progress remains uneven. 

Short-term funding, capacity and capability issues and a complex policy landscape are huge barriers to progress.

All major parties have committed to reforming Britain's energy system, and we are calling for that commitment to extend to providing guidance and long-term funding to empower local leaders to deliver LAEPs. 

With the right support framework for their ambitions, local authorities stand ready to build the secure, affordable clean energy systems we urgently require.

The future is local. Investing in bottom-up innovation will create a responsive, resilient energy system that delivers for people and planet.