New Local Government Association (LGA) survey reveals councils face significant barriers to achieving Net Zero targets, with 67% lacking confidence in meeting goals on time and 90% saying current funding is insufficient.

The survey comes on the same day the Government responds to the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Select Committee inquiry on local authority financial sustainability, which found councils face a £4 billion funding gap.

UK100 Chief Executive Christopher Hammond calls for an end to the "Hunger Games" approach of disjointed short-term competitive funding for local climate action, and for the Government to trust in local leaders to deliver for their communities.
Latest data suggests flagship Great British Insulation Scheme will take over 60 years to deliver its target to upgrade 300,000 homes in three years.

UK100 network of local leaders calls for Ministers to empower local authorities to massively scale up local-led energy efficiency upgrades.

UK100 releases new case studies from Leeds and Manchester showing how local authorities are leading on retrofit.
High Court rules planning inspectors acted unlawfully in removing Net Zero policies from West Oxfordshire's Salt Cross Garden Village Area Action Plan.

Planning Inspectors relied on an outdated 2015 Written Ministerial Statement to justify weakening the Net Zero requirements.

UK100 welcomes the ruling but calls for a more consistent national strategy.
Local leaders express serious concern over reported plans to abandon the Clean Heat Market Mechanism intended to boost the uptake of low-carbon heating systems like heat pumps.

Rural cross-party leaders from Wiltshire and The Cotswolds warn dropping the policy could reduce incentives for industry investment and undermine local climate action.

UK100's Chief Executive argues abandoning the mechanism risks sending mixed signals on the government's commitment to low-carbon heat and undercutting local authorities' emissions reduction plans.