Applications for a new cohort of councils to join the Local Power in Action programme will open in 2023.
Councils across Gloucestershire agree to work together on transport decarbonisation, facilitated by UK100's Local Power in Action programme

The pathway to Net Zero emissions will not be smooth for local authorities. Many local leaders have set more ambitious targets than the UK Government. Meeting these targets will require Net Zero policies to be implemented at a greater pace and scale than we have seen before. Strong political leadership and public engagement will be vital for successfully navigating the systems and behavioural change required

How does it work?

Local Power in Action offers ambitious councils, who are members of the UK100 network, tailored support to accelerate progress towards their organisation’s Net Zero goals. Net Zero Pathfinders are deployed to support leaders, cabinet members and senior officers at the council to overcome the political, organisational and engagement challenges they face in implementing their ambitious Net Zero projects.

What will it cost?

  • The cost of the programme is fully subsidised by UK100.

How to apply?

Applications will open later in 2023. To express your council’s interest and ensure you are sent a direct reminder to apply, please complete this form.

  • To contact us for further information about Local Power in Action please email