Campaigns and Advocacy

Our campaigns and advocacy secure ambitious lasting changes to the ways that local leaders are supported to take ambitious action that improves our environment and the lives of local communities.  

UK100 works with its members on local powers, energy efficiencycommunicating climate changeclean air and reforming local authority funding.

By campaigning for ambitious action, we build political consensus and commitment to action. We're advocating for the changes required to Net Zero promises into action. Working closely with elected representatives, local authority officers, national government officials, policy experts, businesses and grassroots campaigners we want to unlock the potential of local Net Zero.

Local Powers

From Cornwall to Greater Manchester, local and regional authorities are achieving enormous change despite a "Kafkaesque" regulatory framework. This must change. The UK will not achieve Net Zero on the backs of trailblazers alone. UK100 is calling for a Net Zero Local Powers Bill that permits and obliges local authorities to work with their communities to deliver Net Zero.

Clean Air

Air pollution is a national emergency - killing thousands every year in the UK. UK100 is calling for legislation that protects us from dirty air and enables the UK to become a world leader in clean technologies and solutions.

End The Wait. Insulate.

The cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy we don't use. To avoid another bleak winter, we need a locally-led energy efficiency revolution to slash household bills and emissions. It's time to end the wait and insulate.

Communicating Climate Change

To solve the climate emergency, we need more people involved in the transition towards Net Zero. That means supporting our members to communicate with their communities effectively - bringing everyone on the journey together.