Engaging communities

The established consensus on climate action is being stress-tested. But local-led transparent and inclusive engagement with communities can rebuild it.

Mis- and disinformation, culture wars and a cost-of-living and gas price crisis are all working to undermine the ambition and resolve of national politicians from all parties and erode public trust.

But local-led transparent and inclusive engagement with communities provides an antidote. By centring communities in the decision-making process and talking about ambitious action in relatable terms, leaders can reinforce the consensus and secure community consent.

Too often, top-down climate communication excludes all but the most engaged. This limits the spread of reliable information about local climate action. Mis- and disinformation will quickly fill these gaps.

Reframing climate communications around the real and tangible everyday costs and benefits for residents makes climate policies relatable.

Through tools like our Local Climate Engagement programme, UK100 helps members genuinely engage residents. Facilitating two-way dialogue builds understanding of concerns and co-creation of solutions.

This collaboration delivers better decisions which communities have more ownership over. And it inoculates communities against the tactics of malicious disinformation.

Active participation gives people a real stake in climate action focused on their area's needs. From upgrading homes to building local energy security, leaders can build and leverage positive public appetite for change.

UK100 equips members to lead inclusively and build the consensus essential to counter the rise in misinformation and ensure a just transition to Net Zero.