A video exploring the Gloucestershire region-wide agreement to collaborate on Net Zero transport
Advertising Gloucestershire transport decarbonisation roundtable

On Friday [13 January 2023], all the local authorities in Gloucestershire set a significant milestone by signing an agreement to work together on a county-wide project to tackle transport decarbonisation and achieve Net Zero emissions by 2045.

The agreement was signed by Gloucestershire County Council, along with all the district councils in the region including Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council, Forest of Dean District Council, Gloucester City Council, Stroud District Council, and Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Transport accounts for 34% of CO2 emissions in Gloucestershire, with cars being responsible for 58% of transport-related emissions. To meet the region's 2030 goal of 80% emissions reduction, the project will aim to shorten car trips by 7.5%, reduce overall trips by 7.5%, increase ride-sharing to 2.5%, boost active travel by 300%, raise public transport use by 100%, and increase the number of electric vehicles on the road.

It represents a significant milestone in regional collaboration on critical Net Zero projects. The joint statement recognises councils' commitment to tackling the climate emergency and outlines plans for sustainable transport and land use, including:

  • Prioritising the integration of new housing developments alongside high-frequency and high-quality public, active travel options and at existing or new service centres that enable a high level of self-containment.

  • Aligning Local Plans and Local Transport Plans with the ambitions of the county's transport decarbonisation plan.

  • Supporting local efforts to create sustainable neighbourhoods and building in active travel and public transport availability to make these more attractive travel options.

  • Encouraging people to reduce the need for, or shorten, some journeys, to shift to active travel and public transport modes and to improve the sustainability of those journeys that still require the use of private vehicles.

The project was developed with UK100's Local Power in Action programme, with the collaboration of district councils and the leadership of Gloucestershire County Council.