Transport: Adapting and Implementing Modal Shift at LGC Net Zero 2023

LGC's Net Zero event featuring UK100's Jason Torrance
Decarbonising Transport

UK100's Jason Torrance joins the line-up for LGC Net Zero 2023

The LGC Net Zero Series 2023 is the premier gathering of local government professionals implementing sustainability. Join us to connect with your peers, discuss challenges you face, and observe valuable, successful case studies of Net Zero policy implementation.

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The UK Government has committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050. The realisation of this goal falls in large part to local government. Most councils in the UK have declared a climate emergency and are already experiencing the impact of climate change. However, due to their constrained budgets, they often lack the resources necessary to making their Net Zero goals a reality.

“We are on the way to climate hell,” warned UN secretary-general António Guterres at COP27. To create a sustainable future, councils must come together and pool their knowledge, build networks, and share best practice. We’re only Net Zero if we are all Net Zero.

As the voice of local government management since 1855, LGC is able to create a platform to support tackling an issue of this complexity. In 2023, we are providing a year-long cycle of events; a virtual conference, two webinars and a face-to-face meetup, providing content throughout the year.

UK100's Jason Torrance will be joining the panel at the Transport: Adapting and Implementing Modal Shift session on Tuesday, 11 October.

It is easy to say that we should move towards greener transport methods to reduce our carbon emissions. However, our car-centric infrastructure makes this challenge far more complex. Public transport capacities, the capabilities of electric vehicles and commercial prospects and more play a role. Join the discussion to find the right modal shift for your community.

Virtual conference speakers include:

  • Trevor Scott, Chief Executive, Wealden DC
  • Vicky Fraser, Service Director for Environment and Connectivity
  • Harrie Larrington-Spencer, Research Fellow, Active Travel Academy, University of Westminster
  • Sarah Calkin, Editor, Local Government Chronicle