The UK's Green Industrial Revolution is coming your way

How many green jobs could come to your community?

There are 2.7 million workers across England who already have the skills we need to reach Net Zero. Use our search tool to find how many will be in high demand in your area, with the right public investment, as we build the green economy.

Voters should expect their candidates in the upcoming local elections to commit, if elected, to prioritising a green recovery and ensuring high demand for these jobs in your area.


The UK's Green Industrial Revolution is coming your away 

Future-proofed jobs, more training opportunities, warmer homes, cleaner air… these are all things that we can look forward to as we transition towards Net Zero. Our local communities up and down the UK are going to benefit from a healthier environment and a more resilient economy.

There are more than 2.7 million jobs across England for workers who already have the skills we need to reach Net Zero. These are workers like builders, plumbers, engineers, electricians, designers, coordinators and carpenters, all vital for building the infrastructure of a green economy.

With the right kind of public investment, these 2,738,410 good green jobs will be in high demand as we move to a low carbon economy - letting our communities get back to work post-Covid. 

It’ll also mean millions more jobs that young people and future generations can train for, without the threat of industry collapse or getting trapped in sectors of the past like coal.

And the ambition and active involvement of local leaders across the country is central to getting there, ensuring the job opportunities and economic benefits come to their communities.

Are you standing in a local election and want to sign our election pledge?

As part of your campaign, are you interested in signing our election pledge to, if elected:

  • ensure your local authority reaches Net Zero further and faster than the national target of 2050
  • prioritise a green recovery 
  • join with UK100 and its cross party membership in advocating to the government for more powers and resources to help them get there. 

If elected, these candidates will then go into a process of signing up to our Net Zero pledge. See the full list of candidates who’ve signed our election pledge below.

Get in touch with to find out more and sign up to the pledge.

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About the data we've used

Place-based Climate Action Network

This data comes from the Place-based Climate Action Network, based on research by Nick Robins, Andy Gouldson, William Irwin and Andrew Sudmant, from LSE’s Grantham Research Institute and the University of Leeds.

Get PCAN's full data and read the report.

Report reference: Robins, N., Gouldson, A., Irwin, W. and Sudmant, A., 2019. Investing in a just transition in the UK How investors can integrate social impact and place-based financing into climate strategies. London: Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science

Who has already committed to action?

The following candidates have so far signed our election pledge:

  1. Abigail Stephenson (Green), Sheffield City Council
  2. Alan Yearsley (Green), Sheffield City Council
  3. Alec Sandiford (Liberal Democrats), Staffordshire County Council
  4. Alex Price (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  5. Alexi Dimond (Green), Sheffield City Council
  6. Andrew Hards (Green), Sheffield City Council
  7. Anne Patterson (Green), Coventry City Council
  8. Anne Thompson (Labour), West Northamptonshire Council
  9. Anthony Naylor (Green), Sheffield City Council
  10. Arthur Greaves (Labour), West Northamptonshire Council
  11. Ben Graham (Labour), Durham County Council
  12. Bernadette Gallagher (Labour), Bolton Council
  13. Bernard Little (Green), Sheffield City Council
  14. Bob Buxton (Yorkshire Party), West Yorkshire Combined Authority - mayoral candidate
  15. Bobby Tera (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  16. Brian Holmshaw (Green), Sheffield City Council
  17. Brian McDaid (Labour), North Yorkshire County Council and Craven District Council
  18. Callum Roper (Labour and Co-Operative), Lincolnshire County Council
  19. Callum Sweet (Green), Sheffield City Council
  20. Calum Miller (Liberal Democrats), Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council
  21. Calum Watt (Labour and Co-Operative), Lincoln City Council and Lincolnshire County Council
  22. Catherine Hartley (Green), Sheffield City Council
  23. Chapak Mistry (Labour), Bolton Council
  24. Charles Tucker (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  25. Clifford Hobbs (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  26. Cody Garland (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  27. Colin Bloxham (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  28. Dan Boatright (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  29. Darren Sanders (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  30. Dave Applebaum (Green), Sheffield City Council
  31. Dave Dillner (Green), Sheffield City Council
  32. Dave Sullivan (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  33. David Fuller (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  34. David Mead (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  35. David Willington (Green), Sheffield City Council
  36. Dee Tomlin (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  37. Derek Boyle (Labour), Kent County Council
  38. Douglas Johnson (Green), Sheffield City Council
  39. Duncan Garland (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  40. Eamonn Ward (Green), Sheffield City Council
  41. Freddie van Mierlo (Liberal Democrats), Oxfordshire County Council
  42. Gavin Hawkton (Green), Carlisle City Council
  43. George Adamson (Labour & Co-operative), Cannock Chase Council
  44. George Brown (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  45. Gez Kinsella (Green), Derbyshire County Council
  46. Graham Marsden (Green), Sheffield City Council
  47. Greg Smith (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  48. Harry Barrett (Labour), West Northamptonshire Council
  49. Hugh Mason (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  50. Ian Holder (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  51. Jack Satterthwaite (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  52. Jacqui Hodgson (Green), Devon County Council
  53. Jason Leman (Green), Sheffield City Council
  54. Jed Marson (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  55. Jessie Joe Jacobs (Labour), Tees Valley Combined Authority - mayoral candidate
  56. Joan Pritchard -Jones (Labour), Bolton Council
  57. John Gillatt (Labour), Bolton Council
  58. John Hardman (Labour), Durham County Council
  59. Jonathan Harris (Liberal Democrats), West Northamptonshire Council
  60. Joydu Al Mahfuz (Green), Sheffield City Council
  61. Jules Spriddle (Green), Coventry City Council
  62. Julie White (Green), Sheffield City Council
  63. Kate Gregory (Liberal Democrats), Oxfordshire County Council,
  64. Kate Kift (Liberal Democrats), Amber Valley Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council
  65. Kate Smith (Liberal Democrats), Derbyshire County Council
  66. Katharine Keats-Rohan (Liberal Democrats), Oxfordshire County Council
  67. Kathy Aston (Green), Sheffield City Council
  68. Ken Syme (Labour), Cheltenham Borough Council
  69. Kimberly Barrett (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  70. Leo Madden (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  71. Liam Hardy (Green), Sheffield City Council
  72. Lucy Critchlow (Green), Sheffield City Council
  73. Luisa Porritt (Liberal Democrats), Greater London Authority
  74. Luke Young (Labour), West Northamptonshire Council
  75. Marieanne Elliot (Green), Sheffield City Council
  76. Mark Wheeler (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  77. Maroof Raouf (Green), Sheffield City Council
  78. Martin Berry Labour), Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
  79. Mary Hunt (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  80. Matthew Winning (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  81. Mick Ekers (Labour), Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
  82. Mike Jarvis (Labour), Bolton Council
  83. Miles Dudman (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  84. Milton Pennefather (Green), Sheffield City Council
  85. Mohammad Kamran Latif (Labour), Pendle Borough Council
  86. Mohammed  Iqbal (Labour), Bolton Council
  87. Mustafa Ahmed (Green), Sheffield City Council
  88. Nadeem Ayub (Labour),
  89. Nathan Strathdee (Green), Sheffield City Council
  90. Nick Agnew (Labour), Devon County Council
  91. Paul Bennett (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  92. Paul Joyce (Labour), West Northamptonshire Council
  93. Pauline Hardman (Labour), Durham County Council
  94. Peter French (Labour & Co-Operative), West Northamptonshire Council
  95. Peter North (Labour), Hull City Council
  96. Peter Williams (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  97. Phil Bialyk (Labour and Co-Operative), Exeter City Council
  98. Rachael Hatchett (Green), Derbyshire County Council
  99. Rebecca Mulvaney (Green), Sheffield City Council
  100. Richard Hewison (Rejoin EU Party), Greater London Authority
  101. Richard Kail (Green), Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council
  102. Richard Rout (Conservative and Unionist), Suffolk County Council
  103. Richard Royal (Conservative), Hull City Council
  104. Richard Torpey (Green), Buckinghamshire County Council
  105. Richard Whitehead (Liberal Democrats), Worcestershire County Council
  106. Robina Ahmed (Labour), Buckinghamshire County Council
  107. Ruth Flagg-Abbey (Green), Sheffield City Council
  108. Safwaan Patel (Labour), Bolton Council
  109. Samuel Allen (Labour), Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
  110. Steve Pitt (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  111. Steve Sutton (Labour), Bolton Council
  112. Stuart Brown (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  113. Tim Oliver (Conservative), Surrey County Council
  114. Tina Gilligan (Green), Sheffield City Council
  115. Tricia Cowdrey (Labour), Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
  116. Val Moore (Labour), Lincoln City Council
  117. Valerie Brown (Burning Pink), Greater London Authority
  118. Yahiya Chowdhury (Liberal Democrats), Portsmouth City Council
  119. Yvonne Tennant (Labour), Lancashire County Council and Pendle Borough Council