Benefits and cost of an enhanced Clean Air Fund

Decarbonising Transport
UK100 is seeking Government support for an enhanced CAF, including for London which has historically been excluded from the CAF, which would enable the delivery of CAZs across the UK and support a national fleet renewal programme to deliver WHO air quality standards.

Executive Summary

The strategic case for an enhanced CAF is clear: The pursual of fleet renewal and supporting CAZs fits well with Government priorities – targeting air quality to reach compliance with European Commission requirements and address health concerns.

It is important that cities consider carefully their choice of vehicles to include in the CAZ restrictions.

  • As private cars often account for a large proportion of NO2 in the air (e.g. 40% in Bristol), their inclusion in the CAZ restrictions often strengthens the strategic (and economic) case for a CAZ supported by an enhanced CAF.
  • The effect on individuals (of including cars) may be high, which may weaken the strategic case for a Class D CAZ (which is the only class to include private cars).
  • Where cities are struggling to achieve residents’ support for including certain types of vehicles in the CAZ, the CAF can play an important role in mitigating the negative impact of the CAZ while assisting groups who might otherwise find it difficult to achieve compliance.

CAF-funded plans which provide a useful addition to the strategic case include: scrappage/retrofit incentives, more public transport to make non-car journeys easier, and the provision of more EV charging points.