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UK100 welcome's the Net Zero Review's call for a "net zero local big bang" and the recognition that local authorities are vital to delivering the most successful version of Net Zero in the UK.

Responding to the Net Zero Review, UK100 CEO, Polly Billington, says:

“This independent review confirms what UK100 has been saying for years: local authorities are the key to achieving the UK's Net Zero goals.

We were delighted to work with Chris Skidmore MP on the review and welcome it, particularly the recommendation to end the disjointed mess of short-term, competitive local authority funding pots. This move would help communities maximise the economic and social benefits of Net Zero while making the most cost-effective use of resources.

UK100 is committed to empowering local leaders to deliver on the UK's ambitious climate targets, but we need central government to take heed of the Net Zero Review’s findings and commit to unlocking the ambition of local authorities to deliver the most successful version of Net Zero."



Notes to the editors

UK100 worked closely with Chris Skidmore MP on the Net Zero Review, feeding in the local authority perspective and experience of Net Zero action.

"Local Authorities" are mentioned more than 120 times in the Net Zero Review. 

UK100's research including our Power Shift and Local Net Zero Delivery Progress reports are directly referenced several times.

About UK100

UK100 is a network of local leaders who have pledged to lead a rapid transition to Net Zero with Clean Air in their communities ahead of the government’s legal target.

UK100’s primary purpose is to support a local-led rapid transition to Net Zero and Clean Air. We do this through collaboration. 

To accelerate action, we believe in bringing together the most influential leaders across the country to learn together and agree on priorities for legislative and regulatory change while empowering them to engage with national decision-makers. 

We provide our network with the knowledge, tools and connections to make this happen.