Accelerating the Rate of Investment in Local Energy Projects

Polly Billington, Charles Abel Smith, Malcolm Ball
July 2020
Our transition to a Net Zero economy requires a fundamental change in the way our energy system operates. Our switch to renewable generation requires us to develop a balanced energy system which combines a mix of large-scale power generation with local decentralised energy systems.

Establishing Local Authority JVs for Energy

Jonathan Ward, Ellen Cooper-Tydeman, Michael Gallagher
Nottingham City Council
May 2020
A high-level approach to the consideration, development and opportunity of Joint Ventures (JV) for public/private partnerships in energy projects. Developing a mutually beneficial relationship between the public and private sector working on energy-related projects is expected to become increasingly critical.
Air quality features prominently within the proposed legislation and many of the measures proposed are outlined out in the Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019. Commitments are set out in the strategy to introduce an up to date legislative framework for tackling air pollution at the national and local level and also to strengthen local authority powers with respect to air quality.

Financing the local clean energy transition

Polly Billington, Andy Gouldson
Leeds Climate Commission
February 2019
Every area of the UK has the potential to develop clean, local energy projects that deliver better homes, improved transport, high quality jobs, carbon reductions and long-term financial returns. Local authorities are key to making this happen.