Orlagh Stoner, Technical Support Officer
Gloucestershire County Council
Construction of the new Gloucester to Cheltenham (G2C) cycle route has commenced. The G2C project aims to increase cycling in a shift to active travel, which will support Gloucestershire’s pathway to reach net zero by 2045.
Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson,
Portsmouth City Council
Portsmouth City Council launched its Clean Air Zone (CAZ) with the objective of reducing illegal levels of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), including Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), to within legal limits in the shortest possible time.
Cllr Mike Hakata
Haringey Council
Haringey’s Annual Carbon Report is the public-facing document reporting on the council’s and borough wide carbon reduction performance and projects.
Cllr Virginia Taylor, Leader of Eden District Council
Eden District Council
The Greening Eden Businesses Project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of businesses located within the area of Eden District Council.